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African Blackwood Highland Bagpipe

African Blackwood Highland Bagpipe

Обычная цена £954.16 GBP
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой £954.16 GBP
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Pipe Chanter

African Blackwood Highland Bagpipe

This is our most popular set of African Blackwood Highland Bagpipe we have for sale and a total Bargain!

This tremendous value set is guaranteed to fulfill the needs of any beginner or band player. This set of Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes is fully combed and beaded and made of African blackwood, with nickel Ferules, and comes with a synthetic bag, cords, top quality plastic pipe chanter, syntheitc pipe chanter reed, "Steady drone" plastic drone reeds and bag cover.  All our Bagpipes are manufactured in Scotland, assembled and set up in our shop in Edinburgh and tested before they are sent out to ensure you will receive you order in fully working condition. Please note, this set comes with synthetic stocks as standard. African blackwood stocks are an additional £125.00

Ready to play out of the box!

MADE IN SCOTLAND by Bagpipes Galore

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